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Advertising Literature Kept Neat With Well Designed Holders

May 5th, 2021

It is necessary, for companies which want to promote some service or item, to have some kind of purpose built stand to show off the goods or to hold the promotional leaflets etc. These are sometimes available off the shelf, so to speak, but most times, the company can have literature holders and literature displays made up to their own design. Of course, it does tend to keep all the paraphernalia in one place too so this is an added bonus.

There are companies around which design and make this kind of thing. Very often, they will be able to print the whole thing up so that it is eye-catching for the interested party. The really cool thing about them though is that they are made flat, in most instances, so that the vendor can reassemble them when he is ready to put them out for the public to see.

In fact, there is a huge market for these kinds of goods. Supermarkets always have rows of special offers on display at their customer service desks, and places like libraries need them too so that people are made aware of what is going on in and around the vicinity too. Considering these two uses alone, one can see how many would have to be made to fill the demand countrywide.

Although most of these are die cut, that is, a pattern is made from metal and punched through the card to give the right shape, there is usually some hand finishing which has to be done. If the box is made from a flimsy material, and this will keep the cost down for sure, then strengthening legs or balance legs are normally stuck, by hand, onto the back. Of course, this is done in huge numbers too to keep the cost down but it is rather labor intensive.

For special discount deals, like a promotion for Easter perhaps, it is likely that the whole thing will be printed to show something evocative of that time of year. Easter eggs or chicks and bunnies are the favorites of course, but there are times when other designs are necessary too.

The printer or manufacturer normally has a design team to fulfill the needs of the client and they usually work closely together to get just the right design or wording printed on the box. Mistakes here are costly so the customer is normally given a proof to see before the printing process takes place. He will be required to sign it too so that there are no recriminations later.

The more colors that are used in these designs, the more expensive each unit will be. Most people do not realize that each color needs another print run and this is what pushes up the price. However, clever designers will use colored card as one color so that the customer will be able to keep some costs to a minimum.